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2022 Mercedes EQS by the ocean in Santa Cruz, California Glenn Sanders
Focus on sleek, smooth, aerodynamic design means Mercedes-Benz EQS is less distinctive than some of its predecessors.

'22 Mercedes EQS Brings Luxury, Tech, Power to BEV Segment

Mercedes-Benz EQS sets a new standard for BEV luxury that is miles ahead of the competition in comfort, elegance, range and technology. And with 631 lb.-ft. of torque, the EQS is a pleasure to drive.

Launched as Mercedes-Benz’s first EV in the U.S., the 2022 Mercedes EQS was built on a modular architecture aiming to redefine the luxury electric vehicle.

The curvaceous EQS is based on a “bow” shape, with a long smooth arc from grille to rear spoiler along the top of the BEV, and a flat line running along the bottom.  This combination makes the EQS the most streamlined production vehicle ever, with a drag coefficient of 0.20.

Mercedes EQS San Francisco.jpgThe EQS' hood is not designed to be opened by the customer, so the filler for the wiper fluid is below the rear-view mirror in the driver’s-side door. At the other end of the car, the EQS hatchback allows for the sleek and flowing design while providing easy access to a fairly generous cargo area.


The first impression of the EQS is of elegant luxury and style, with the widest display panel ever used in a vehicle. 

MercedesMercedes EQS showing Hatchback cargo area

The Mercedes MBUX “hyperscreen” is 56 ins. (142 cm) wide and consists of three displays behind a blackout glass that is raised about 0.5 ins. (1.3 cm) from the dashboard, a design that is repeated on the doors, center console and ceiling control panel.

At first, the raised panels seem odd and out of place in the otherwise smooth interior. 

But when nighttime approaches, their design purpose becomes clear.  A soft, indirect glow of light surrounds all the panels, making them appear to float in an effect that is quite space-age and beautiful, available in a number of color schemes to suit the driver’s mood. 

MercedesMercedes EQS showing interior glowing personality

The seats are supportive and offer numerous adjustments, including the pillow headrests (similar to those in the all-new gasoline-powered Mercedes S-Class sedan) that speak of pampered luxury.


All three displays offer crisp graphics and multilayer menus. 

The HMI feel is similar to using a smartphone, grouping menus and icons logically, and providing ready access to features that are used most often.

MercedesMercedes EQS showing luxurious interior

The voice assistant with a soothing tone responds to “Hey Mercedes” to help you find menus, information and more.

The intelligent MBUX system learns what you like and then presents tiles on the center display that put your most frequently used features at your fingertips.

The head-up display is bright and clear even in the sunlight, and provides augmented reality in the form of green navigation arrows.

MercedesMercedes EQS showing social media apps

The nav system scores points for being simple and easy to use, viewed in the large central display that provides several ways to view the route. The default view is 2D, but 3D shows buildings and street features which is useful for finding one’s way through an unfamiliar city.

The passenger display on the far right of the hyperscreen provides access to all navigation, climate control and audio settings in addition to several games and infotainment.

They can literally be a co-pilot by finding destinations and planning alternate routes, and then sending them to the central display module where the driver can confirm the new route.

MercedesMercedes EQS showing navigation in central display

Handling and Responsiveness

Mercedes did a good job of disguising the size and weight of the EQS through tweaks to the steering, power, frame and suspension. The rear-axle steering allows for up to 10 degrees of angle to provide a turning circle of less than 36 ft. (10.8 m) despite the 126.4-in. (3,211-mm) wheelbase.

EQS offers four drive modes:  Eco, Sport and Individual in addition to the default Comfort mode.  Sport mode is responsive and fun, especially on curvy highways.

Comfort mode provides a driving experience that feels smooth, quiet, luxurious and stable, aided by the Mercedes active body control suspension system.  Eco mode takes the comfort mode settings and only modifies the powertrain to modulate acceleration and capture more regenerative braking energy.

MercedesMercedes EQS on the Autobahn

The regen system also offers four modes:  Intelligent mode works with navigation and driver assist, Sail mode, Light mode and a very aggressive Max mode which operates as a one-pedal operation.

ADAS Features

The driver-assistance features are easy to use and control from the steering wheel.  Just tap the cruise control button, set the speed and you’re all set.

The ADAS system works with navigation and recuperation to provide a seamless experience that feels solid.  As long as you keep one hand on the wheel, lane keeping and steering assist control the vehicle with smooth turns that rarely feel like over-corrections.

MercedesMercedes EQS steering wheel with driver assist buttons

Power to Spare

Acceleration in sport mode is thrilling, especially in the EQS 580 4MATIC model with two EV drive motors providing 631 lb.-ft. (856 Nm) of torque.

On an open, straight stretch of highway the EQS eagerly accelerates from 55 mph (89 km/h) to nearly double that speed in a matter of two seconds.  All this power is available over a range of 340 miles (547 km) when driving moderately.


The EQS brings elegance and luxury in a stylish sedan that speaks of the owner’s success and taste for luxury. 

It is a pleasure to drive, providing comfort and safety through its advanced technology and design.  Mercedes has developed an opulent experience that is responsive and fun to drive, providing a sumptuous oasis from the traffic and noise outside.

The focus on sleek, smooth, aerodynamic design means the EQS is less distinctive than some of its predecessors. 

However, as EV designers strive to extend range and reduce wind noise, modern designs are destined to become sleeker and more similar in shape over time.

Mercedes EQS specs.png

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