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About Us

Welcome to WardsAuto!

For over a century, Wards has been at the forefront of reporting on, analyzing, and interpreting the key trends in the automotive world, illuminating paths for industry professionals, enthusiasts and consumers alike.  

Founded on a commitment to deliver incisive, timely, and comprehensive coverage, WardsAuto.com has grown to become an indispensable resource for insights into new automotive technologies, and emerging business strategies. From the rise of the internal- combustion engine to the advent of electric vehicles and autonomous driving, we've not just witnessed history; we've helped shape the narrative. 

The WardsAuto legacy is built on a bedrock of trust and expertise. Our team comprises seasoned journalists, industry veterans, and analysts who live and breathe automotive. This passion is reflected in our coverage, which encompasses a broad spectrum of topics, including vehicle reviews, industry news, analysis, forecasting and much more.  

At WardsAuto.com, we pride ourselves on being more than just a media site; we are a hub for the automotive community. Whether it's providing in-depth evaluations of the latest models, forecasting industry trends, or offering a platform for dialogue and discussion, our mission is to keep our readers informed, engaged and ahead of the curve. 

As we move into our second century, WardsAuto.com continues to evolve. Our commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to embrace new technologies and platforms, ensuring we remain the definitive voice in automotive journalism. For industry professionals seeking reliable data, enthusiasts searching for insights into their next vehicle, or consumers looking for guidance in a rapidly changing market, WardsAuto.com is your trusted navigator. 

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