Nissan ‘Thrills’ With Most-Watched TV Auto Ad

While Nissan has the most-seen single ad, Subaru gets the most overall impressions split between two spots on this week’s list, according to

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July 8, 2022

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Nissan most-watched 7-6-22
Nissan spot featuring actress Larson new to list of most-watched auto ads.

Nissan’s collaboration with movie star Brie Larson continues to be a major priority for the brand, as the new spot starring her “Today Is Made for the Thrill: Why Wait for Tomorrow?” debuts at No.1 on’s list of the most-seen auto ads. 

But as overall brand presence on the list goes, Subaru makes a strong showing with two different ads for two different models that, combined, generated more impressions. While Nissan’s solo spot generated 207 million impressions, Subaru’s two entries total 233 million. 

Although they focused on different programs, both automakers took a similar approach in their ad-buy strategy, with news, reality programming and procedural dramas delivering audiences. Subaru stands out as the only automaker on the list with MSNBC’s January 6th Hearings special coverage as a leading programming target. Nissan, meanwhile, stuck with NBC Nightly News.

Also new on the list at No.2 was Honda, with “Brand New Spark” in support of the HR-V line appearing on a mix of reality TV programming. Ace Metrix survey respondents gave the spot a Persuasion Score 5% above industry norms. 

Jeep’s “Jurassic World Dominion” cross-promotional spot landed at No.3. The company aimed to bookend the day’s programming, targeting both primetime and evening shows (60 Minutes and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon) as well as morning fare (Today and CBS Mornings).


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Nissan: Today Is Made for Thrill: Why Wait for Tomorrow? 

Impressions: 207,115,776 

Interruption Rate: 2.24% 

Attention Index: 96 

Est. TV Spend: $1,485,077


Honda: Brand New Spark 

Impressions: 180,007,560 

Interruption Rate: 2.36% 

Attention Index: 94 

Est. TV Spend: $1,381,503


Jeep: Jurassic World Dominion: Dinosaurs in Our World 

Impressions: 134,239,762 

Interruption Rate: 2.59% 

Attention Index: 90 

Est. TV Spend: $1,035,004


Subaru: Don't Worry 

Impressions: 122,040,591 

Interruption Rate: 2.51% 

Attention Index: 98 

Est. TV Spend: $866,633


Subaru: Girls' Trip 

Impressions: 111,034,469 

Interruption Rate: 2.63% 

Attention Index: 102 

Est. TV Spend: $766,576


Data provided by, TV Ad Measurement for Disruptive Brands

*Ace Metrix auto industry norms data measured over the last 90 days.


TV Impressions - Total TV ad impressions delivered for the brand or spot.

Interruption Rate - The rate at which the audience present at the beginning of your ad disengages with it before it ends.

Attention Index - A comparison of your ad’s Interruption Rate against your specific media placement. The Attention Index is measured on a scale of 0 to 200, where 100 is the average and means your ad is performing as expected.

Est. National TV Spend - Amount spent on TV airings for the brand’s spots.


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