BMW 7-Series Delivers Meaningful Technology, Maximum Comfort

Everything is done with precision and purpose, without forgetting a huge part of that purpose is maximum comfort and convenience.

April 26, 2016

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New 7Series offers choice of massages among many other features
New 7-Series offers choice of massages, among many other features.Tom Murphy

The days of BMW overwhelming us with technology are over. There is no such thing as “technology for technology’s sake” if it is designed to make our lives easier. And that’s exactly what BMW’s electronic wizardry does in the ’16 7-Series.

We were skeptical of BMW’s industry-first gesture controls at first. But after just a few minutes of pointing, twirling and swiping, we found the innovative human-machine interface controls a natural way of controlling the radio, rejecting incoming phone calls and performing other functions.

There is more technology than ever in the car, as well as an impressive array of buttons, knobs and displays throughout (even the key fob now has a display screen), but Editor Bob Gritzinger points out the layout is simple, their purpose is easy to fathom and the ubiquitous iDrive now complements the user experience rather than detracts from it.

For basic driver information, there is an extra-large full-color head-up display with clean, easy-to-see graphics, a well-positioned screen above the center stack and an attractive easy-to-read digital instrument cluster. Also, the voice-control system works really well. These days that’s still a big deal. “The voice control is nearly flawless,” says Editor Christie Schweinsberg. She doesn’t say that often. There’s also wireless phone charging and a WiFi Hotspot option.

As you would expect in a car with a sticker price of almost $130,000, the 750i is loaded with the most advanced driver-assist and safety features available, including automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection and night vision. The Active Cruise Control operates in a dependable and predictable fashion and the active-steering-assist feature does a nice job of keeping the car between the lines if you need to take your hands off the wheel for 15 or 20 seconds.

In terms of traditional luxury, BMW’s design is a bit more restrained than some of its six-figure competitors. Instead of dripping chrome everywhere it offers gorgeous ambient lighting with six different colors that create dramatic interior effects.

It really delivers comfort in the rear with the $5,750 Executive Lounge Seating package.  The passenger-side rear seat reclines dramatically and has a footrest. Rear seats also provide several types of back massages, which can be controlled by a detachable tablet computer in the armrest. They are ventilated and heated as well. Fit-and-finish and overall build quality is impeccable.

As one editor puts it: “Everything here is done with precision and purpose, without forgetting that a huge part of that purpose is maximum comfort and convenience.”

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