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The breadth of ZF’s electrification portfolio provides OEMs with various flexible and scalable solutions for powering HEVs and EVs.

The Transformative Power of Hybrid-Electric Vehicles

By 2025, global sales of EVs will be 7.7% of the total vehicle market, while HEVs and PHEVs will boast a 23% market share, J.P. Morgan analysts indicate.

Learn more about ZF's hybrid-electric products and strategies at the Wards Intelligence Electrification Conference Nov. 14 in Birmingham, MI.

The global spotlight is shining brightly on electric vehicles. With the European 2020-2030 emission targets, most vehicles sold in 2025 and beyond will have to have hybrid or full electric propulsion.

The automotive industry is working diligently to comply. Automakers must get on the EV train or face loss of global market share. Yet, the technologies that will power the EV revolution continue to be proven in hybrid-electric vehicles that already are in wide use.

A 2018 study published by market analysts at J.P. Morgan suggested that, by 2025, global sales of EVs will comprise 7.7% of the total vehicle market, while HEVs and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) will boast a 23% market share. By 2030, experts predict twice as many hybrids will be sold as EVs.

HEVs blend the best of battery-powered drive systems with a smaller internal-combustion engine to provide drivers with a fuel-efficient vehicle that reduces carbon dioxide emissions without compromising performance or range. With its commitment to electrify everything, ZF offers a comprehensive portfolio of hybrid and electric drive systems and components that power mild hybrids, HEVs, PHEVs and EVs.

ZF’s spectrum of driveline technology offers a broad, modular and scalable approach to hybrid drive systems to ensure that drivers experience clean and efficient mobility. This modular approach enables OEMs to transform existing vehicle architectures into HEVs while minimizing the engineering needed for conversion.

For parallel hybrid systems, ZF developed an 8-speed automatic transmission that enables the ICE to work with the electric powertrain in a harmonized, fully integrated driveline. ZF's 8-speed hybrid dual-clutch transmission features a flexible modular system that fits front-wheel drive configurations with longitudinal engines, hybrid drive or all-wheel drive. These modular systems are available as hybrid driveline technology kits to meet the needs of OEMs in virtually every configuration: longitudinal, transverse and E-drives, and hybrid modules. 

The ZF portfolio offers a variety of electrified drives, from mild hybrids to plug-in hybrids to electric drives that offer OEMs flexible solutions. In mild hybrids, the additional torque of the electric motor provides a boost for the ICE upon acceleration, which enables it to run at optimal efficiency, reducing toxic emissions and fuel consumption.

For a full-hybrid variant, a separate clutch is installed to disengage the ICE and enable the vehicle to run solely on electric power, producing zero emissions. In addition, PHEVs, which have more powerful batteries, can be charged externally, enabling them to travel even greater distances using electric power exclusively. For EVs, ZF offers a broad range of compact and modular E-Drive kits from 100kW (134 hp) to 400kW (536 hp), thanks to a scalable power electronics and electric motor approach.

With the development of its 2-speed drive system for passenger cars, ZF has created a paradigm shift for HEVs and EVs. The integration of an advanced electric motor with a shift element and appropriate power electronics significantly improves energy conversion efficiency and extends battery range.

Vehicles with the new 2-speed drive system consume less energy, which realizes up to 5% in extended range. For OEMs, the new 2-speed drive offers two options for use of the improved energy-conversion efficiency: Use the additional energy to provide extended range with the same size battery, or use a smaller battery.

marco.guglielmini_0001_IMG_2351.jpgThe breadth of ZF’s electrification portfolio provides OEMs with various flexible and scalable solutions for powering HEVs and EVs.

Marco Guglielmini is Key Account Manager, Electronic Systems, at ZF Group.

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