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Center to help 'green' India's private motorcycle fleet.

Honda Opens Indian Motorcycle Dedicated R&D Center

Automaker seeks to tap into huge 2-wheeled market in India with carbon-neutral products.

Honda seeks to boost its motorcycle and technological capabilities to serve India's burgeoning 2-wheeled market with the opening of a new R&D center.

Its domestic subsidiary, Honda R&D (India) Private Limited, opens the Solution R&D Center in Bengaluru, Karnataka, as part of its strategy to achieve carbon neutrality for all of its motorcycle products during the 2040s.

However, while the company says it is responding to environmental change with the center able to accelerate electrification of some auto products, it recognizes the need to “…also create new value outside of the established framework and provide more attractive products and services.” This is a clear indication it will continue to explore alternative carbon-neutral fuel sources for its products where electrification is not viable.

Honda adds that it will actively work to solve social issues, such as the effective use of energy through Honda’s Triple Action to ZERO initiative, through carbon neutrality, clean energy and resource circularity, plus “…the prevention of traffic accidents to realize a society with zero traffic collision fatalities.”

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