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Cadillac Chief John Roth presenting the '25 Optiq CUV.

WardsAuto Podcast: Cadillac Chief John Roth and Electrification

Cadillac has softened its drive to have an all-BEV showroom by 2030 as demand has slackened and federal regulators have lightened mandates.

Brands that are dedicated to selling 100% battery-electric vehicles are struggling, except for Tesla and BYD. Legacy automakers trying to transition from internal-combustion-engine vehicles to BEVs are walking a tightrope between satisfying government mandates for electrified vehicles and funding those efforts with profits from ICE vehicles.

General Motors, for example, has had production delays on its Cadillac and Chevy BEVs. Its engineers are scrambling to develop hybrid variants of ICE vehicles it had not planned for. And Cadillac has been re-evaluating its product cadence, which was supposed to create an all-BEV showroom by 2030.

Cadillac Global Chief John Roth talks to WardsAuto at a reveal of the Optiq production CUV. We’ll have more details on that product the end of May. But Roth discusses the Cadillac lineup and the division’s electrification strategy going forward.

You can play the episode here, or subscribe to “WardsAuto” (not “WardsAuto Podcast”) on various podcast platforms.

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