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Barra has been navigating GM’s tense transition to making BEVs after bankruptcy.

WardsAuto Podcast: Sizing Up Mary Barra’s 10th Year as CEO

Mary Barra is marking her 10th year as CEO of General Motors. The first female executive to run the big automaker, she has the second-longest tenure in the post after Alfred Sloan.

Mary Barra is marking her 10th year as CEO of General Motors. She was a consensus choice to lead the company forward and into the era of battery-electric vehicles following the storied Detroit automaker’s bankruptcy. Barra is the second longest serving GM CEO after Alfred Sloan.

So, how has she done? There have been ups and downs, as you would expect. GM is an old industrial company, part of the bedrock of the U.S. economy for decades. But it is trying to compete in a technology-driven era where some of its rivals seem nimbler.

Bloomberg's David Welch, author of the definitive book on Barra, Charging Ahead: GM, Mary Barra and The Reinvention of an American Icon (2022), joins WardsAuto Podcast Host David Kiley to discuss Barra's tenure, performance and even a possible succession plan.

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