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WardsAuto 2020 Megadealer 100 Ranking

WardsAuto 2020 Megadealer 100 Ranking

Here's our downloadable list of top auto dealership groups in the U.S.

When megadealers – collections of dealerships under one owner or management group – started making the auto-retailing scene, it worried some people.

Some detractors feared consolidated ownership of dealers would drive out mom and pop dealers. (It hasn't.) Some automakers fretted big dealership groups would start dictating terms to them. (That fear went unrealized.) There was even crazy talk that AutoNation, the country's biggest dealership chain, would come out with its own vehicle. (Didn't happen.)  

But megadealers are a force, as evidenced by the numbers in this year's WardsAuto Megadealer 100, our annual ranking (and the industry's first such list) of the top 100 groups in the U.S.

Click the button below to download the WardsAuto 2020 Megadealer 100.