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2020 Chevy Silverado HD rated to tow 35,500 lbs.

Detroit Provides Powertrain Feast for Truck Shoppers

Taken as a whole, the latest powertrains for fullsize pickups represent a truly impressive collection of state-of-the-art engineering dedicated to lightweight materials, reduced friction and improved efficiency.

From large, gasoline V-8s to 6-cyl. diesels and even a turbocharged 4-cyl., shoppers in the market for fullsize and heavy-duty pickup trucks this year have a wide variety of all-new powertrains to savor. 

Consider that within the span of 18 months, all of these engines are flooding the truck market, many already on sale: 

  • All-new 7.3L gasoline V-8 in ’20 Ford Super Duty pickups. 
  • Upgraded third-generation 6.7L Power Stroke diesel V-8 in ’20 Ford Super Duty pickups. 
  • Upgraded Cummins 6.7L inline 6-cyl. High Output diesel in ’19 Ram heavy-duty pickups. 
  • All-new standard 6.6L gasoline V-8 in ’20 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra heavy-duty pickups. 
  • Carryover 6.6L Duramax diesel V-8 but new 10-speed Allison transmission and other drivetrain improvements secure a tow rating of up to 35,500 lbs. (16,103 kg) in ’20 Chevrolet and GMC heavy-duty pickups. 
  • Upgraded 6.2L gasoline V-8 with multi-mode cylinder deactivation in ’19 Chevrolet and GMC pickups. 
  • All-new 3.0L diesel V-6 in ’19 Ford F-150. 
  • All-new 3.0L diesel V-6 in ’20 Ram 1500. 
  • All-new 3.0L diesel inline 6-cyl. in light-duty ’20 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups. 
  • All-new 2.7L turbocharged gasoline 4-cyl. with cylinder deactivation in light-duty ’19 Chevy and GMC pickups. 
  • Fuel-saving eTorque 48V mild-hybrid systems mated to gasoline 3.6L V-6 and 5.7L V-8 in ’19 Ram pickups.

This level of activity in pickup truck powertrains is unprecedented, and it illustrates how Detroit automakers have prioritized trucks in allocating precious product-development dollars. The outsize profit margins associated with pickups explains the motivation. 


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