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Developers claim 621-mile range for NEVS Emily GT.

Canadian Start-up EV Electra Obtains Rights to Emily GT

The electric sedan developed by a group of former Saab engineers is planned to see production under new ownership.

The NEVS Emily GT, an electric sedan developed by a group of former Saab engineers, is one step closer to production after the project was purchased by Canadian-based electric-vehicle start-up EV Electra.

NEVS officially revealed the Mercedes-Benz EQE and Telsa Model S rival in April, after the Swedish engineering company was placed in “hibernation mode” by its Chinese owner, the financially embattled Evergrande Group.

Along with the acquisition of the Emily GT project, EV Electra also has obtained the rights to the NEVS Pons autonomous pod – a driverless mobility pod first shown to the public in 2020.

In a joint statement to the media, NEVS CEO Nina Selander describes EV Electra’s acquisitions as a “realization of shared dreams.”

EV Electra founder and CEO Jihad Mohammad says: “We did this acquisition fully aware that we will need to back it all the way through development to mass production. We will have cars coming out of Trollhättan again.”

NEVS acquired much of Saab’s assets in 2012 before being purchased by the Evergrande Group in 2019. It is based in Saab’s traditional home city of Trollhättan in Sweden.

The 5-seat Emily GT has been developed to offer a range of up to 621 miles (1,000 km) on a 175-kWh battery.

Alternative battery capacities of 140 kWh and 105 kWh are also among the plans originally divulged by NEVS.

Power is supplied by four in-wheel electric motors, each with a nominal 121 hp for an overall total of 484 hp.

NEVS also has proposed a performance variant of the new sedan with up to 653 hp and a combined 1,623 lb.-ft. (2,200 Nm) of torque.

EV Electra is yet to reveal whether the original specification of the Emily GT will carry over to the production version.

The Canadian-based company, originally headquartered in Lebanon, already has developed a series of electric vehicles, the first of which is planned to go into production in Turkey, according to information contained in the joint statement made with NEVS.

The styling of the Emily GT is credited to Saab’s former brand design boss, Simon Padian.


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