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Alpine A290 BEV.jpg
The Alpine A290 BEV readies for its global reveal.

Alpine to Reveal First BEV at Le Mans in June

Long-awaited Alpine A290 urban hatchback readies for global premier at iconic French endurance race.

Renault’s sports sub-brand Alpine announces the reveal its long-awaited first series-ready battery-electric vehicle in June following extensive testing in arctic conditions.

The French brand has been walking us through the development of the A290 hatchback since the first reveal of the A290_β concept car early last year. However, the first question on every sportscar fan’s lips will be, just how light will the new A290 be when revealed on June 13?

That’s because the brand has built its reputation on making modestly powered cars that outpunch much more powerful rivals thanks to a fanatical focus on power-to-weight targets.

Its current range is topped by the A110 R using a simple in-line turbocharged gasoline 1.8L 4-cyl.  producing 300 hp. Yet, that comparatively modest output allows the sporting coupé to reach 62 mph (100 km/h) from a standing start in just 3.9 seconds thanks to a curb weight 34 kg (75 lbs.) lighter than its siblings at just 1,082 kg (2,380 lbs.).

Even more important to track-day performance than outright power is the way the cars can be flung through bends with the minimal impingement to handling of excess weight. It’s on that basis that the Alpine customer will be judging the new 5-seater BEV urban hatchback.

Recognizing this, Philippe Krief, Alpine CEO, says about the car's testing: “The target of this important stage is to confirm the direction we have taken with handling and agility, which is part of our DNA on low-grip conditions. To fine-tune its development so that it can be effective in all circumstances and all-weather conditions.”

Keeping to French sporting traditions, the A290’s world premiere will match with the opening day of the legendary endurance race at the Le Mans 24 Hours in France.

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