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Delphi partners look to centralize streamline onboard computing
<p><strong>Delphi, partners look to centralize, streamline onboard computing.</strong></p>

Delphi Announces Partnerships to Boost Connectivity

Delphi will collaborate with the three companies to leverage its power and distribution capabilities to offer streamlined electrical-architecture solutions for connected vehicles.

Delphi Automotive announces partnerships with three companies with which it will work to improve high-speed data processing and services for automated driving, connectivity and mobility.

The Tier 1 supplier says it has made minority investments in Otonomo, an Israel-based company Delphi describes as a third-party data broker that helps OEMs securely monetize data from connected vehicles, and in Valens, another Israeli company whose chip-to-chip HDBaseT technology allows for connectivity speeds six times faster than the current industry standard.

Delphi also is partnering with Rosenberger, a German maker of Ethernet connectors that tie together the vehicle architecture of the connectivity platforms.

“Delphi’s vision is to enable the ‘brain’ and ‘nerve center’ of the vehicle through our leadership in computing and electrical architecture,” Delphi CEO Kevin Clark says in a statement.

“Otonomoʼs connected-car marketplace seamlessly and securely connects car data from any OEM to service and application providers such as insurance, fleet transportation, vehicle-repair services, emergency-services and expense-control apps,” Delphi says in a news release. “By aggregating, anonymizing and organizing car data, otonomoʼs marketplace provides OEMs with full control over monetizing the valuable data from connected vehicles.”

Otonomo complements Delphi's existing data-management capabilities for data acquisition and over-the-air updates. Delphi says it will offer services from all three companies as a part of a connected car ecosystem.

Valens and Rosenberg are hardware suppliers whose products provide interconnections between, for example, electronic control units to onboard sensors.

Centralizing different computing platforms within the car will allow more effective use of data Otononomo will aggregate and add value, Delphi says.

Otonomo’s connected-car marketplace links vehicle data from OEMs to potential users of that data such as retailers, insurance, fleet transportation, vehicle repair and emergency services. By aggregating, making anonymous and organizing onboard data, the company can give OEMs full control over monetizing the data from connected vehicles, while providing security and compliance for data owners.

“These partnerships all support Delphi’s ability to increase vehicle data and power capabilities and management through hardware, software and cloud-based solutions,” Delphi says.

Further details, including Delphi’s stakes in the smaller companies, are not being released. Customers and clients have not been named.

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