Nissan Dominates Most-Seen Auto Ads of 2022

If you thought you’d seen a lot of Nissan’s Brie Larson-led spots in 2022, you weren’t the only one.

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January 6, 2023

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Brie Larson Ads Land Three of Top Five Spots For Nissan.

Data from iSpot reveals Nissan (and Brie Larson) accounted for three of five most-seen automaker ads in 2022, led by “Today Is Made For Thrill: Why Wait For Tomorrow?” The spot, which started airing on April 1, bought nearly 11% of its TV ad impressions during NBA games, and (partly as a result) 10.5% of impressions were delivered by ABC programming.

iSpot’s survey-based Creative Assessment reveals the creative garnered 8.2% more attention than the norm for automaker ads in 2022. Survey responses described the ad as “upscale” and “exciting,” while 26% of those surveyed thought the visual scenes were the single best thing about the ad.

Nissan’s “60 Years In 30 Seconds” is No. 2 with 2.45 billion TV ad impressions.. Though the ad, which takes viewers on a tour of the brand’s history, first appeared back in August 2021, it began airing in earnest again in August 2022, with impressions primarily delivered during college football games (13% of its impressions during the year). 

iSpot Creative Assessment data shows that the ad was 8% more likable than the norm for automaker spots last year, while also being 3.8% more watchable.

At No. 3, Dodge’s “We Only Do Power” had 2.33 billion TV ad impressions on the year, with about 25% of those coming during news and talk programming (MSNBC alone served almost 7% of impressions for the ad). It earned 4.7% more attention than the automaker norm last year, and the visual scenes were seen as the single best thing about the spot by 36% of survey respondents.

At No. 4,  Subaru’s “Well Adventured” puts a spotlight on what the Forester enables drivers to do, while also noting Subaru’s significant contributions to the National Park Foundation. Survey respondents found the ad to be “cinematic,” and Subaru gained 85% brand recognition (higher than the automotive industry average of 79%). During 2022, 35% of the ad’s impressions appeared during primetime.

Nissan appears once more with the No. 5 most-seen auto ad of 2022. “Electric Cars for Electric Drivers” had 2.07 billion TV ad impressions, with the NBA, men’s college basketball and the NFL accounting for a combined 18.6% as the top three programs. It earned 3.5% more attention than the norm for automaker ads on the year. The spot’s environmental messaging also resonated with survey respondents, with “green” being the top descriptive reaction.

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1. Nissan: Today Is Made for Thrill: Why Wait for Tomorrow?

Impressions: 2.54 billion

Interruption Rate: 2.07%

Attention Index: 102

Est. TV Spend: $31.7 million

2. Nissan: 60 Years in 30 Seconds 

Impressions: 2.45 billion

Interruption Rate: 2.53%

Attention Index: 92

Est. TV Spend: $21.3 million

3. Dodge: We Only Do Power 

Impressions: 2.33 billion

Interruption Rate: 2.31%

Attention Index: 99

Est. TV Spend: $13.6 million

4. Subaru: Well Adventured

Impressions: 2.08 billion

Interruption Rate: 2.71%

Attention Index: 99

Est. TV Spend: $18.1 million

5. Nissan: Electric Cars for Electric Drivers

Impressions: 2.07 billion

Interruption Rate: 2.17%

Attention Index: 104

Est. TV Spend: $26.0 million

Data provided by, The New Standard for TV Ad Measurement

TV Impressions - Total TV ad impressions delivered for the brand or spot.

Interruption Rate - The percentage of devices that were present at the beginning of your ad but did not complete watching the ad. Actions that interrupt ad play include changing the channel, pulling up the guide, fast-forwarding, or turning off the TV. The Interruption rate is measured on a scale of 0 to 100%.

Attention Index - A comparison of your ad’s Interruption Rate against your specific media placement. The Attention Index is measured on a scale of 0 to 200, where 100 is the average and means your ad is performing as expected.

Est. National TV Spend - Amount spent on TV airings for the brand’s spots.


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