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Mexico Continues Record Sales in May

Mexico Continues Record Sales in May

This was the first May outcome to surpass 100,000 units, as the daily sales rate soared 20.0% from year-ago.

Mexico light-vehicle sales totaled 101,803 units in May, an all-time high for the month and the fifth consecutive monthly record this year. This was the first May outcome to surpass 100,000 units, as the previous high point was only 88,116 LVs last year.

The daily sales rate was 3,916 units over 26 days, 20.0% above same-month 2014 (27 selling days) and 7.6% higher than April 2015.

Nissan/Infiniti stayed on top with a 25.2% year-over-year increase to 26,687 deliveries, a record for the month. In third place, Volkswagen also hit a best-of-May result with 16,381 units, up 17.4%

The only automakers to record sales below May 2014 were Renault, Suzuki and Jaguar Land Rover, which combined account for only 2% of the market.

Record sales of 66,816 cars surpassed the month’s prior peak of 57,826, set in 2014. On a daily sales basis, car registrations were up 20.0% from prior-year and 6.2% from last month.

Light-truck deliveries, on the other hand, at 34,987 units, ranked only fourth-best for May, despite a 19.9% gain from the 30,290 sold in like-2014. The sales rate was 10.4% above April 2015.

LV sales in the first five months of the year were up 20.8% to 502,202 units from 415,669 a year earlier.

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