Mitsubishi Electric Unveils Digital Cockpit Demo Vehicle

The cockpit combines multiple consumer-friendly technologies into one seamless user interface that enhances in-vehicle entertainment, comfort, convenience and safety, Mitsubishi Electric says.

Jim Irwin, Associate Editor

August 6, 2021

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Mitsubishi Electric rotating screen
Rotating center display in Mitsubishi Electric Project Firebird concept can be used in both landscape and portrait modes.Autoline

Mitsubishi Electric introduces Project Firebird, a new, advanced cockpit demo vehicle, at the 2021 Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminars in Traverse City, MI.

The cockpit combines multiple consumer-friendly technologies into one seamless user interface that enhances in-vehicle entertainment, comfort, convenience and safety, Mitsubishi says in a news release.

The cockpit is built on a hypervisor that powers an Android 10 operating system. Technologies include a digital cluster, rotating center display and Amazon Alexa integration, among other features. The Android 10 system provides built-in support for user management, widget customization and many popular third-party apps for social media, entertainment and superior productivity.  

“We are very proud of what we’ve accomplished for automakers and vehicle owners who expect continuous improvements throughout the vehicle,” says Voratima Orawannukul, principal UX engineer-Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America. “We believe the improvements we’ve made in this next-generation digital cockpit combine the best user experience in ease-of-use, safety, customization and connectivity features.”  

Key Project Firebird technologies include: 

  • A flexible rotating center display featured at the heart of the vehicle can be used in both landscape and portrait modes. It serves as the user’s primary vehicle interaction hub. The display rotates (pictured below) with a nudge, a button, or can have a preset orientation for specific applications, and automatically adjusts and realigns itself as needed. The flexible orientation allows the user to customize their hub and select how they prefer to interact with their content or reorient the display as the app designer intended. 

  • Compatibility with Amazon Alexa provides users with a range of technologies at their fingertips, including virtual assistant voice commands to send text messages, place phone calls and control media and temperature. It also supports dual languages. A directional microphone array allows the vehicle to receive clear voice commands, determine the position of the speaker and prioritize driver commands.  

  • Multiple phone connectivity allows for two phones to be simultaneously connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth, giving users the option to make or receive calls, access contacts and view recent call history and messages, without having to switch devices. 

  • Multiple user profiles and their customized settings, including preferred seat position and home screen layout, are securely stored and can easily switch between users. 

  • A companion app gives owners remote access to their vehicles, allowing them to lock/unlock doors, check the vehicle’s status, locate the vehicle with an onboard high-definition locator and remotely monitor it via a live video feed.  

  • A sophisticated internal camera system offers the ability to record road trips and ride shares and allow passengers to make and receive conference calls while traveling. An additional safety feature is the road-facing dashcam that enhances driver awareness through active road monitoring. The system monitors road conditions, signs and speed limits and informs the driver via the digital cluster.

Mitsubishi Electric rotating screen2.png

Mitsubishi Electric rotating screen2_0

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