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Genesis GV60 Overachieves

Genesis is a relatively new luxury brand, but its interior and user interface is on par with more established brands from Europe and Japan.

David Kiley, Senior Editor

June 5, 2023

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Genesis GV60 impresses with unique features, premium feel and excellent UX.

The Genesis luxury brand is only eight years old as a standalone sales channel. But in that short time, the South Korean brand has rapidly benchmarked the best of the established luxury brands from Europe and Japan for quality and execution, and then added its own design secret sauce to create a unique experience that doesn’t feel at all like it is merely knocking off others.

Genesis product development teams have accurately identified that its target buyers are looking to “feel” like they are in a luxury experience. And as proved out in the GV60, , they set out to over-achieve every other vehicle in the $50,000-$100,000 segment.

The battery-electric drivetrain is the easiest part to get right these days. What’s more difficult is to sculpt an attractive, modern exterior, and then create an interior user interface and experience that is both smart and beautiful and does all of that without driving the cost of a BEV through the roof. In that, the GV60 is three for three.

The GV60's cabin is cleanly designed. Open the door, and you are greeted by a premium, attractive quilted upholstery. Appealing details are everywhere. Judge Christie Schweinsberg gave kudos to the “eye-catching textured champagne-colored metal trim, with a design that looks like the tiny wings of airline pin” on the center console and IP. Indeed, the cockpit seems somewhat inspired my modern small aircraft.

The dominant feature is the large one-piece display screen serving as both gauge cluster and infotainment system. The sweeping 12.3-in. (31-cm) horizontal infotainment screen connects seamlessly with an identical 12.3 in. digital gauge cluster, and both have exceptional resolution and graphics.

We appreciate that Genesis is taking some chances. That starts with the super-cool crystal-sphere shifter (pictured, below) that rotates itself into position when the CUV is powered up. The successful risk-taking continues to a facial recognition system allowing the driver to unlock and start the vehicle without needing a key.

“This is a very unique interior design,” says judge Dave Zoia. “The cool start-up sequence, and jeweled and lit gear selector is awesome. And the sweeping curved infotainment screen is state of the art.” Adds Judge Bob Gritzinger: “This car hits it out of park. The shifter alone is worth the price of admission.”

Interior designers seem to leave no pocket, binnacle or switch unexplored for a better idea or better execution. Switchgear is finished with knurled stalks and aluminum-finished surfaces. And even the glovebox is re-imagined smarter as a rubber-lined drawer instead of a plain plastic drop-type compartment.

Voice commands work incredibly well. And the B&O audio system is all you could want.

The GV60 comes with a slew of driver-assist features including highway driving assist, highway auto speed change, driver attention warning, forward active safety assist, lane safety assist, blind-spot safety active assist and lane keeping. Most of these can be adjusted for sensitivity.

The GV60, starting at $60,415, is a remarkable value given the average transaction price of vehicles today is about $50,000. It also boasts tremendous style and well-performing technology. All that adds up to a recipe for a Wards 10 Best Interiors & UX win.

Genesis shifter.jpg

Genesis shifter

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