WardsAuto Podcast: What Will Move EV Fence Sitters: Cox Automotive's Vanessa Ton

A new Cox Automotive study shows what auto shoppers in two categories – Considerers and Skeptics – are waiting for before buying an EV.

Wards Staff

May 21, 2024

Consideration among car shoppers expecting to make a purchase in the next 24 months has dipped in the past two years, forcing automakers to adjust product plans to introduce more hybrids engineered to meet clean-air mandates.

The federal government, too, has softened its mandates designed to steer consumers away from ICE vehicles and toward EVs as a response to softening consumer demand.

A new Cox Automotive study attempts to measure consumer attitudes toward buying an EV, including the barriers to buy, ranked in order of importance, as well as expose some opportunities for automakers and dealers to help consumers get more comfortable with EV ownership.

WardsAuto Podcast Host and WardsAuto Senior Editor David Kiley talks over the findings with Vanessa Ton, senior research manager and lead for market intelligence for Cox Automotive.

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