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Droptop Mustang take rate just 20 in UK
<p><strong>Droptop Mustang take rate just 20% in U.K.</strong></p>

U.K. Accounts for 1,000 of 3,500 RHD Mustang Sales

The right-hand-drive Mustang, built at Ford&rsquo;s Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan, has been on sale in the U.K. since late last year.

More than 1,000 Mustangs are cruising U.K. roads as Ford’s global sales of the right-hand-drive version of the iconic auto accelerate past 3,500 units.

It’s the first time the Mustang officially has been sold in the U.K. Sales of the first models in the region began at the end of last year.

Ford reports 80% of U.K. buyers have opted for the fastback body style over the convertible and 68% have specified the 416-hp 5.0L V-8.

A 6-speed manual transmission is the slightly more popular choice in the U.K. with 54% of buyers opting for the stickshift over the 6-speed automatic, which comes with SelectShift paddle control.

Race Red is the most popular exterior color among buyers, specified on 20% of orders. Magnetic Silver (17%) follows, with Shadow Black (15%), Triple Yellow (9%) and Ruby Red (7%) completing the top five.

Ford U.K. says in a statement the Mustang color palette has been updated. White Platinum, Grabber Blue and Lightning Blue have been added while Competition Orange, Deep Impact Blue and Guard Grey have been dropped.

The right-hand-drive Mustang, built at Ford’s Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan, is available to order in the U.K. from £30,995 ($44,600) for the EcoBoost version and £34,995 ($50,300) for the V-8.

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