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September North American Light-Vehicle Production at 15-Year High

September North American Light-Vehicle Production at 15-Year High

Many automakers hit record-high September results with double-digit gains from last year.

North American automakers built 1,481,161 light vehicles in September, 6.4% above last year, resulting in the highest output for the month since 1999.

Several manufacturers had double-digit percent gains from last year, leading to record-high September results according to WardsAuto data. Subaru’s production soared 42.8% to 31,452 LVs. Booming production in Mexico lifted Volkswagen’s North America number 25.5% to 50,711 units.

Nissan achieved its ninth double-digit increase this year with an 18.0% gain in September. The 9-month production total was 19.8% higher than last year.

Honda’s production rose 11.3% in September, but over the first nine months of the year, output was up just 0.5%. Similarly, Kia posted a 10.4% gain for the month and a 0.7% improvement year-to-date.

Hyundai built 35,709 units last month, 10.8% above same-month 2013. However, the automaker’s 9-month total was 3.2% below the same period of 2013.

BMW, Mercedes and Tesla also had record results for September, WardsAuto estimates.

Ford was the only automaker to post a decline from last year. The 14.5% drop primarily was due to the closing of the Dearborn, MI, plant as it was retooled for the all-new aluminum-bodied '15 F-150 pickup.

Chrysler’s September output grew 14.5%, and General Motors’ production was nearly the same as last year. Together, the Detroit Three built 788,247 LVs in the month, down 0.6% from prior-year.

North American car production totaled 627,789 in September, up 5.3% from same-month 2013. Year-to-date, car builds were down 1.4%.

Light-truck production continued to grow, rising 7.3% to 853,372 for the month. Over the nine months of this year, output reached 7,421,372 units, a 10.8% gain over the same period in 2013.

Production in Mexico grew 10.9% from last year to 265,414 units, a record high for September. Year-to-date, 2,378,182 LVs have been built, a 7.4% increase.

Canadian builds rose 2.9% to 216,607 units last month. Output from January to September declined 0.6% to 1,745,908.

Monthly LV production in the U.S. was up 6.1% to 999,140 units. A total of 8,611,667 were built through the first nine months of 2014, up 6.1% from prior-year.

North American light-vehicle production through September reached 12,735,757 units, 5.3% higher than in 2013.

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