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To date Ford has nearly 20000 customer orders for Mustang in Europe
<p><strong>To date, Ford has nearly 20,000 customer orders for Mustang in Europe.</strong></p>

Mustang Choice of U.K.’s Price-Conscious Performance Car Buyers

It is the red-blooded 5.0L V-8 version of the coupe that has proven to be the best seller, with a 70% take rate.

BRENTWOOK, U.K. – British sports car buyers are voting with their wallets by placing the Ford Mustang at the top of the summer sales charts.

The latest version of the American icon has thumped the best of the glamorous offerings from Europe’s top automakers in the high-performance league for cars with more than 250 HP, sales data shows.

And the feat was an emphatic one, with the Ford outselling its nearest rival, the homegrown Jaguar F-Type, nearly 2:1.

The Mustang has topped 4,000 sales to date, with total 2016 registrations at 2,317, through July.

The volume so far this year puts the car ahead of the F-Type (1,446), BMW 6-Series (1,367), Porsche 911 (1,315), Porsche Cayman (787), Audi TT (778), Porsche Boxster (526), Mercedes SL (489), Porsche 718 (482) and BMW i8 (382) on the Top 10 list.

And it was the red-blooded 5.0L V-8 version that has proven to be the best seller, with a 70% take rate, leaving just 30% of customers opting for the more frugal and climate friendly 2.3L EcoBoost 4-cyl.

Total customer orders for the Mustang in Europe now stand at more than 19,500. It was introduced to the market in third-quarter 2015.

Since June this year, all Mustangs have been fitted with Ford’s Sync 3 infotainment system, offering a redesigned 8-in. (20-cm) touchscreen and the ability for drivers to control their connected smartphones, audio, navigation and climate functions with more conversational voice commands.

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