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Legacy companies such as General Motors are struggling to adapt their business to software-defined vehicles.

WardsAuto Podcast: Why Software-Derived-Vehicles Are Confounding Automakers

The mobility industries are shifting from a mechanical and electrical engineering culture to one defined and dominated by software engineers, which is causing great disruption among automakers and suppliers.

Software-defined vehicles (SDVs) should dominate the auto industry by 2040 when 100% of new-vehicle production is projected to be battery-electric cars, trucks and utility vehicles. Perhaps more so than the shift to BEVs, the transition to software-defined vehicles is even more disruptive to the auto industry.

Software is critical to managing BEV, connected-car and autonomous-driving systems. Shifting the industry from a culture of mechanical, design and electrical engineering to software engineering is a huge shift from every angle – from human resources, compensation, culture and performance –  automakers are having to compete with 100% digital powerhouses for the best talent.

Senior Editor and WardsAuto Podcast Host David Kiley talks with Wards Intelligence’s principal software-defined mobility analyst, Maite Bezerra, from the floor of CES 2024 about the big issues being discussed around the shift to software.

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Listen to the podcast here.

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