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Consumers are waiting for electrified CUVs like the 2025 Honda Prologue.

WardsAuto Podcast: Too Many BEVs? Or Not Enough of The Right Ones?

Battery-electric-vehicle inventories on dealer lots are high and demand has tapered. But underlying the slowdown in BEV sales is that we don’t have enough of the vehicles that consumers really want.

EV sales are not what automakers would like them to be given the mandates they must hit in 10 years. But sales still are up 50% compared with 2022.

Chief executive officers and chief financial officers are nonetheless wringing their hands because their production plans are way ahead of consumer demand and their investments in BEVs are underperforming.

More and more electric vehicles are coming even as demand slows. Dealers say selling BEVs is getting a lot harder.

But there are some 50 known new BEVs hitting the market in the next three years, many of them CUVs that should appeal to the next wave of buyers.  Those are buyers who are interested in BEVs, but are sitting on the sidelines until there are the kinds of vehicles — CUVS and SUVs  — they want.

In this week’s WardsAuto podcast, senior editor and host David Kiley talks with Michelle Krebs, Detroit-based executive analyst for Cox Automotive, about what is going on in the BEV market.

Listen to the podcast here.

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