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Industry consultant Jan Griffiths of Gravitas Detroit talks about managing the culture shock of the EV era.

WardsAuto Podcast: Shock and Change in BEV Era

Culture shock and change within the auto industry has to be managed with care in the transition to electrification, says industry consultant Jan Griffiths of Gravitas Detroit.

There is much change and disruption in the auto industry while it transitions from the ICE Age to the BEV Age.

With that comes disrupted cultures at companies. Company “culture” often gets written off as the “soft side” of the business. But what does corporate culture actually mean? It is how the energy and blood flow of an organization supports teamwork and achieving goals. In short, it is the art and science of skilled people working together and knowing and believing in the objective and mission of the organization.

Stated that way, it is a very important part of working and a company’s competitive edge.

Not only are software engineers rising in importance in the industry as it vaults forward into the BEV era, but those engineers have come of age in a very different ecosystem than mechanical and electrical engineers, designers and product planners and managers.

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Jan Griffiths of Gravitas Detroit works with organizations in building teamwork and shifting culture, as well as working with C-suite executives on their leadership and organizational skills during a period of great change.

She sits down with WardsAuto Podcast Host and Senior Editor David Kiley to discuss the issues around change management as it relates to the overhaul of the auto industry into the BEV age.

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