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EV demand among commercial and government fleets remains brisk.

WardsAuto Podcast: Lots of Opportunities and Startups Around Commercial EVs

While interest in EVs has cooled among consumers, demand among commercial and government fleets remains strong

Automakers are discounting EVs to reduce dealer inventories, while also scaling back EV investments to account for slowing demand. But government mandates are keeping interest and demand among commercial and government fleets strong.

Steady and growing demand among fleets is opening business opportunities for enterprising companies.

This week, senior editor and host David Kiley talks with Lightning eMotors founder and CEO Tim Reeser about his company’s business model of manufacturing school buses, delivery trucks, shuttle buses and more with EV propulsion systems. He also speaks with Plug founder and CEO Jimmy Douglas, a former Tesla executive who sees the opportunity to broker sales of used EVs for dealers and fleet managers. Douglas also has a few things to say about his former employer and infamous boss.

Listen to the podcast here.

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