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LA Auto Show 2023 blends fancy future and practical present.

WardsAuto Podcast: LA Auto Show Still Mix of BEVs and Revs

The 2023 LA Auto Show reinforces that the internal-combustion engine is not dead yet, even in a sea of EVs.

The 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show is a reminder that even while we are running toward an era of electrification, there is still a place for the internal-combustion engine with the car-buying public.

Arguably, the star of the show is the Lucid Gravity, the first utility vehicle from battery-electric automaker Lucid Motors. The Gravity will have a range of up to 440 miles (708 km) and will start under $80,000.

There are also a couple of ICE stalwarts as well. Hyundai took the wraps off the newly designed Santa Fe CUV, which has a hybrid variant, but is mostly a traditional ICE vehicle. And Subaru unveiled an all-new Forester CUV, that won’t get its first hybrid propulsion system until 2025.

Wards senior editor and podcast host David Kiley has been on the road: first to Las Vegas to check out the new all-electric hypercar from Karma Automotive, and then on to Los Angeles to talk with Lucid, Toyota and Subaru executives about their new offerings.

Listen to this week’s podcast here, and please subscribe on your favorite podcast platform.

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