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Toshiba Auto Photocoupler.jpg
BEV focused photovoltaic output photocoupler from Toshiba.

Toshiba Targets BEVs With Latest Battery Management Device

Electronics giant claims to halve device requirement, saving weight and production costs.

Japanese electronics giant Toshiba claims to be able to halve the number of vital devices in solid-state relays used by battery management systems in battery-electric vehicles.

The company announces the release of its new photovoltaic output photocoupler, boasting an enhanced open-circuit voltage which is primarily intended for use within solid-state relay (SSR) applications in vehicles.

Without losing ourselves in the weeds of high-tech gadgetry, solid-state relays fitted with the new TLX9910 device will be able to handle the higher-voltage outputs of BEV battery management systems without needing to double-up on photovoltaic output photocouplers as happens currently.

Toshiba claims its TLX9910 offers an open voltage of 13.5V, nearly double that of existing devices. It points out that using a single device reduces the component count and cutting the size, weight and cost of the solution.

The device is based upon photodiode arrays and, as such, electrical energy is generated as a result of light from the input side LED. In this way the photocoupler provides its own power supply, eliminating the need for an external power source. The company says the device is already entering mass production.

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