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Marelli hopes to capitalize on a global push to hydrogen power.

Marelli Joins the Hydrogen Rush

Marelli enters the hydrogen fuel cell business with the first system the global supplier is offering to OEMs.

Tier 1 supplier Marelli is branching out into hydrogen technology amid a global surge in hydrogen-powered mobility.

Marelli has developed low-noise direct injectors for hydrogen with the same dimensions as those used for traditional fuels, making it easier for carmakers to integrate them into existing platforms. The Marelli system also includes an advanced engine control unit.Marelli’s injectors feature double actuation, a specific magnetic circuit to control the speed of the needle and a high static flow that can meet the requirements of a variety of different vehicles, according to the company.

Hydrogen power is taking off globally as climate change has become an issue facing the U.S., the European Union and China. The U.S. federal government is investing some $8 billion in hydrogen production hubs, with more than $60 billion in private investments going into hydrogen production and applications.

Moreover, hydrogen is being widely embraced as a replacement for diesel for heavy trucks in the three major automotive markets – the U.S., EU and China. Mandates in California and the U.S. as a whole are designed to phase out diesel-powered mobility and transportation by 2040-2045.

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