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Branded fast-chargers target climate-savvy business users.

Lotus Rolls Out Branded Fast-Chargers in Europe

Branded charging units offering multi-vehicle simultaneous charging are targeting business users.

Iconic sports car manufacturer Lotus brings its branded fast-chargers to Europe claiming the installations can charge up to four vehicles at a time.

Lotus says the ultra-fast 450-kW DC charger and power cabinet modular units are specifically aimed at business users in a bid to make its luxury-focused Lotus Eletre R more attractive for company executives wanting the badge of commercial travel with zero tailpipe emissions.

It claims that BEV will be able to add up to 88.5 miles (143 km) of range in just five minutes hooked up to its chargers. Also, when using the 350-kW Rapid Charger level, a 10%-to-80% charge can be achieved in 20 minutes while a range extension of 74 miles (119 km) will be available after five minutes. The chargers feature their own cooling cabinets which enable up to four cars to charge at the same time and boast a maximum current output of 600 amps.

Lotus already deploys these units in China and expects to roll them out across most European countries and the Middle East in Q2 2024, with Germany and Austria following at a later date.

Mike Johnstone, chief commercial officer at Lotus Group, says: “Over the past six years, Lotus has been investing in the technology and infrastructure to accelerate the transition to electrification. We want to make it easier than ever to own an electric vehicle and with our latest offerings, Lotus is able to provide customers with the confidence to access easy, fast and efficient charging.”

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