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Jeep Super Bowl 2-15-23 screenshot.png
Party animals featured in Jeep's “Freedom is Electric.”

Jeep’s ‘Electric Boogie’ Judged Most-Liked Super Bowl Ad

Kia, General Motors and Ram also ran spots during the Big Game, but Jeep’s commercial scored the highest for viewer likability and attention.

Both humans and animals get their groove on in Jeep’s “Electric Boogie,” which was not only the most-liked auto ad of the 2023 Super Bowl, but also the most-liked spot out of all the Big Game commercials, according to iSpot’s Creative Assessment

Surveyed viewers particularly enjoyed the accompanying song by Shaggy, and a majority of respondents cited the visual scenes as the “single best thing” about the ad. Additionally, 55% of surveyed viewers reported increased purchase intent (aka, positive purchase intent) after viewing the spot. 

Kia’s “Binky Dad” is a humorous mashup of a modern parenting nightmare and the idea that even the most random occurrences can be memed and go viral these days. A young couple checking into a hotel makes the horrific discovery that their baby’s pacifier is missing, prompting the father’s mad dash in his Telluride to recover the precious item. Per iSpot, the ad performed above the norm for likability, with “funny” as the top emotional response from viewers –  while also garnering a 43% increase in purchase intent. 

In “Why Not an EV?,” actor Will Ferrell explains that General Motors is teaming up with Netflix to integrate more electric vehicles into the streaming service’s movies and TV shows. The spot goes for laughs, with Ferrell appearing alongside various GM EVs in clips that give a nod to Netflix titles including Squid Game: “If you’re going to be voluntarily kidnapped, why not get kidnapped in an EV?” iSpot data reveals that the ad evoked a “funny” reaction from viewers, with 31% citing the characters as the spot’s “single best thing.” The spot also drove a 49% positive purchase intent.

Ram’s Super Bowl ad also focuses on EVs, but the brand took a different approach from other automakers. It tapped actor Jason Jones as a spokesman for “Premature Electrification” – and yes, the innuendo is the entire point in this spot that parodies a classic pharmaceutical-ad format. “Curiosity” was the top emotional response from surveyed viewers, and 20% said the message was the “single best thing.” The ad prompted a positive purchase intent of 40%. 


Data provided by, The New Standard for TV Ad Measurement


Attention: Measures the extent to which survey respondents find a video ad attention-grabbing.


Likability: Measures the extent to which survey respondents like a video ad. 


Positive Purchase Intent: The percent of Creative Assessment survey respondents that reported an increased desire to purchase or visit a given brand or product after watching an ad.


Funny and Curiosity are two of the 57 emotional metrics iSpot Creative Assessment measures for every TV and video ad.

Single Best Thing: Creative Assessment survey respondents are asked to choose their favorite aspect about the ad. Options include: Characters, Visual Scenes, Music, Brand, Product Itself, Deal or Offer, Message, and None.

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