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Xpeng G9 BEV.JPG
Xpeng's G9's platform forms the base of new jointly developed BEV platform.

Electric SUV First B-Segment Car for Volkswagen, Xpeng JV

VW and Xpeng hope to find efficiencies in their collaboration over vehicle platform development for Chinese products.

Volkswagen’s joint venture with Chinese automaker Xpeng announce its first vehicle under development is, somewhat unsurprisingly, a battery-electric SUV.

In a joint statement, the companies confirm VW’s commitment last year to a share purchase of 4.99% in Xpeng and the framework agreement on strategic technical collaboration.

The move agrees to the joint development of two B-segment BEVs and a joint sourcing program meant to reduce the cost of creating vehicle platforms. According to the Reuters news agency, cars produced through the partnership will carry the VW logo but feature a platform based on Xpeng’s G9 “Edward” technology.

Ralf Brandstätter, board member of Volkswagen AG for China, says: “In the world's largest and fastest-growing EV market, speed is fundamental when it comes to tapping into promising market segments. To constantly increase our local portfolio, we are expanding our own development capacities in China. Through the partnership with Xpeng, we are not only accelerating development times but also boosting efficiency and optimizing cost structures. This increases the competitiveness in a highly price sensitive market environment significantly.”

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