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Dodge stretches TV advertising dollars effectively.

Dodge Retakes Top Spot Among Most-Seen Auto TV Ads

Subaru continues to dominate as the most-seen brand in’s overall ranking for the third week in a row.

After a week in second place, Dodge’s “Swarming the Nation” is back at the top of’s most-seen auto ads ranking, generating 191.6 million national TV ad impressions from April 17-23. 

The fast-paced spot promoting the automaker’s new Hornet model had the lowest estimated national TV ad spend ($1.1 million) of the top five ads, with NBA games leading for both TV ad impressions and spend. 

Subaru has two commercials on the list, and has upped its investment in both week-over-week. In second place is “Dog Tested: Soccer Practice,” with 188.5 million TV ad impressions, a 15% increase from the previous week, with estimated spend up 14.4% week-over-week to $1.6 million. 

The fifth-place spot for the Subaru Forester focusing on crash safety had 170.5 million TV ad impressions, an 11% week-over-week increase, with a 7.6% increase in estimated spend. Per iSpot’s Creative Assessment, this commercial had the highest persuasion score on the list: 13.1% above industry norms. Today, Good Morning America and The Voice were among the top five programs delivering top impression counts for both Subaru spots. 

With 185.6 million TV ad impressions, third place goes to a spot celebrating Ram truck owners “for being fearless, determined and bold.” Viewers felt the accompanying song from country music singer Lainey Wilson was a good fit, with 15% citing the music as the single best thing about the ad, per iSpot’s Creative Assessment. 

Chevrolet’s “Big Life” is the only week-over-week ranking newcomer, landing at fourth place with 171.7 million TV ad impressions. NBA games drove the most impressions (14.4 million), followed by the NHL (7.9 million) – and this was the only spot on the ranking that aired during NHL games.


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1. Dodge: Swarming the Nation 

Impressions: 191,552,099

Interruption Rate: 2.34%

Attention Index: 97

Est. TV Spend: $1,062,489


2. Subaru: Dog Tested: Soccer Practice 

Impressions: 188,513,820

Interruption Rate: 2.91%

Attention Index: 98

Est. TV Spend: $1,625,076


3. Ram Trucks: Truck Month: To Be a Ram: Have Heart 

Impressions: 185,640,989

Interruption Rate: 3.44%

Attention Index: 85

Est. TV Spend: $1,236,019


4. Chevrolet: Big Life 

Impressions: 171,652,823

Interruption Rate: 2.94%

Attention Index: 96

Est. TV Spend: $1,487,401


5. Subaru: Crash Safety 

Impressions: 170,517,484

Interruption Rate: 3.26%

Attention Index: 93

Est. TV Spend: $1,508,075


Data provided by, The New Standard for TV Ad Measurement


TV Impressions - Total TV ad impressions delivered for the brand or spot.


Interruption Rate - The percentage of devices that were present at the beginning of the ad but did not complete watching the ad. Actions that interrupt ad play include changing the channel, pulling up the guide, fast-forwarding or turning off the TV. The Interruption rate is measured on a scale of 0 to 100%.


Attention Index - A comparison of the ad’s Interruption Rate against its specific media placement. The Attention Index is measured on a scale of 0 to 200, where 100 is the average and means the ad is performing as expected.

Est. National TV Spend - Amount spent on TV airings for the brand’s spots.

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