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ICE powered Chery models discounted to compete with BEVs.

Chery Levels ICE Sales Playing Field with Discounts

Chinese auto giant hopes to boost ICE sales just as latest BEV product developed with Huawei begins deliveries.

While Chinese automaker Chery begins delivery of its latest premium battery-electric vehicle it also announces purchase tax breaks, trade-in subsidies and auto finance discounts of several of its internal combustion engine vehicles.

The move, a response to the hectic vehicle price war waging in the country, comes just as the Luxeed S7 electric sedan, developed jointly with telecoms tech giant Huawei, begins mass delivery after a shortage of semiconductors and production issues caused delays, Reuters reports.

Among Chery's combustion models eligible for sales incentives from today are the Tiggo 8 Pro champion edition, Tiggo 9 and Arrizo 8 high-performance edition, the automaker says in a statement on its WeChat account. Orders of Tiggo 9, the champion edition of Tiggo 8 Pro and Tiggo 8 Plus would be entitled to limited-time purchase tax giveaways, in addition to trade-in subsides of up to 20,000 yuan ($2,767) and auto finance discounts of up to 5,000 yuan ($692). Chery also announced cash discounts on Arrizo 8 high-performance edition and off-road SUV Discovery 06 of up to 15,000 yuan.

The scheme aims to level the playing field for ICE products following the Chinese government’s tax breaks hand-out for BEVs last year lasting over four years through to 2027 capped at 30,000 yuan ($4,149) per vehicle. Combustion vehicles are not subject to such breaks.

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