WardsAuto Podcast: Honda Prologue and Subaru’s EV Future

Honda is launching its first BEV, the Honda Prologue; and Subaru’s plans for seven electrified vehicles by 2027.

Wards Staff

October 2, 2023

When it comes to electrified vehicles, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to not be first. The infrastructure for charging is insufficient and most car buyers are not holding their breath to buy one. Arguably, then, it’s more important to bring the right products, instead of being first with products not up to snuff.

Honda will launch the Prologue CUV in first-quarter 2024. It is a five-passenger vehicle with plenty of room behind the rear seats for cargo. With the Acura ZDX, which will cost about $20,000 more, these are the first vehicles of their kind available as BEVs with ample range. The Prologue will get up to about 300 miles (482.8 km) on a full charge, while the ZDX will get up to 325 miles (523km).

Despite Honda’s longstanding prowess developing powertrains, both vehicles are built atop General Motors’ Ultium BEV platform via a venture that allows Honda to launch both vehicles in 2024, with consumers able to take full advantage of the federal tax credits, while Honda’s U.S. battery plant is being built.

We talk to John Hwang, chief engineer about the Prologue.

Then, we go to Zion National Park, where we put the Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness Edition through its off-roading paces. The Crosstrek is not offered as a BEV yet. But we chat with Subaru’s communications chief Dominick Infante about Subaru’s electrification plans.

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