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TransUnion now offers dealers seven solution lines.

TransUnion Rebrands, Groups Its Many Product Lines

The company’s goal is to highlight synergies for dealerships customers.

TransUnion has rebranded its global lines of business solutions, aiming to give customers a more holistic view of its product offerings.

“Many of these solutions are in market with dealerships,” Satyan Merchant, TransUnion senior vice president, financial and leader of the firm’s auto business, tells Wards. The rebranding will enable customers to see how it all fits together (and envision) relevant use cases.”

TransUnion made a name for itself in credit-related consumer identity services. Most dealerships already use one or more of TransUnion’s products in the F&I office.

Through acquisitions such as Neustar and Sontiq, it has added fraud management and marketing and communications solutions.

Under the rebranding, TransUnion has collected these disparate offerings and grouped them under seven solution lines, all beginning with “Tru.”

“We have customers who come to us for one type of solution; we are hopefully allowing them to see the strong value in our other solutions,” Rachel Klein, vice president of global brand management and marketing, tells Wards.

For example, dealerships can use products under the TruAudience moniker to identify customers in their marketing area and validate the contact information is accurate and up to date. Using TruVision credit-related solutions, a dealer can determine what products might be right for a customer. TruValidate helps guard against fraud.

As TransUnion’s chief global solutions officer Tim Martin concisely describes it, a dealer can “scrub the name list, add more people to the audience you want to market to, pull credit, validate who they are, and get the lending process down.”

The service department can use Tru products to identify customers due service maintenance and suggest additional pre-screened offers while the customer is in the service lane, says Merchant.

TransUnion solutions can confirm all the information is correct and is being suggested to the right person. “It is not a waste of (the customer’s) time because it is something they need,” he says.




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