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MAHLE Immersion-Cooled Battery
MAHLE’s Immersion-Cooled Battery technology enables faster charging.

WardsAuto Webinar Examines Mahle’s Electrification Technologies

In this complimentary webinar, WardsAuto and Mahle take a deep dive into the innovative technology and products Mahle is developing that are designed to enable the transition to electric vehicles.

Follow this link to register for the webinar.

Tier 1 supplier Mahle is moving ahead with battery technology by offering new integrated solutions through its expertise in plastics, thermal management, and power electronics.

The German company has developed a magnet-free electric motor, eliminating the reliance on rare-earth metals while maintaining performance, along with an immersive battery-cooling system that will allow for faster charging, paving the way for a whole new generation of battery systems.

“Immersion cooling paves the way for a whole new generation of battery systems. We are developing electric motors that do not require rare earth elements and are characterized by contactless power transmission,” says Martin Berger, vice president-Corporate Research and Advanced Engineering at Mahle.

Both technologies are in demand as global automakers push to develop electric vehicles that offer long range and fast charging times without sacrificing performance or battery durability, all while reducing the overall cost of BEVs.

WardsAuto will partner with Mahle at 11 a.m. EST Oct. 26 to present a complimentary, 60-minute webinar on the supplier’s latest technologies. The webinar will highlight some of the challenges facing electric vehicles and how Mahle's technologies can mitigate them.Mahle Magnet-Free Motor

Presenting on behalf of Mahle are Andre Loges who will review the Immersion Cooling technology, and Christoph Schmuelling, who will discuss the Magnet-Free Motor technology (inset). Bob Gritzinger, Wards Intelligence principal analyst, will moderate the session.

Mahle is pursuing a dual strategy as it relates to propulsion, working on the use of hydrogen and other non-fossil fuels in an intelligent internal-combustion engine, while at the same time focusing on technologies that will help the fuel cell and e-mobility sectors achieve broad acceptance in the market.

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