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ix35 Fuel Cell39s performance similar to that of gasolinepowered vehicle Hyundai says
<p> <strong>ix35 Fuel Cell&#39;s performance similar to that of gasoline-powered vehicle, Hyundai says.</strong></p>

Hyundai Leasing Fuel-Cell CUVs to Denmark

The auto maker says the Danish capital has adopted a plan to be completely carbon-free by 2025 and the country has an excellent hydrogen-station infrastructure.

Hyundai will deliver a fleet of 15 hydrogen fuel-cell-powered ix35 cross/utility vehicles to the City of Copenhagen on a lease basis beginning in early 2013.

The ix35 is called the Hyundai Tucson in the U.S., China and several other markets.

A Hyundai spokesman tells WardsAuto the zero-emissions vehicles are being produced at the auto maker’s plant in Ulsan, Korea. Terms or length of the lease will not be made public.

The Danish capital has a plan in place to be completely carbon-free by 2025 and Denmark has an excellent hydrogen-station infrastructure, according to the spokesman.

“We are very proud that Copenhagen has chosen us as the supplier of hydrogen vehicles,” Niels Ronnebech, managing director-Hyundai Denmark, says in a statement. “We consider it evidence that the municipality is aware of Hyundai’s leadership in eco-friendly vehicles. Copenhagen deserves high praise for leading the way in helping to develop new technology.”

The ix35 Fuel Cell, as the vehicle is called, has been tested on Danish roads, with two test units logging 27,960 miles (45,000 km).

Hyundai says the ix35 Fuel Cell drives like a conventional car and can withstand the rigors of fleet service. The range nearly equals that of a gasoline-engine-powered vehicle and maximum speed is 99.4 mph (160 km/h).

Hyundai has invested heavily in technology development throughout the 14 years it has been involved with hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. The auto maker says it planned from the outset to have fuel-cell vehicles commercially available by the end of 2012, with consumer sales launching in 2015.

The hydrogen-fuel-cell vehicle program is one of the top priorities assigned by Hyundai Chairman Chung Mong-koo.

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