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Addressing the Software-Defined Future of Automotive

Wards Intelligence will offer a virtual content series exploring the Software-Defined Vehicle, its impact on car and truck architectures and what that will mean to consumers.

Consumers are no longer opting to purchase vehicles based on performance power alone. Instead, they expect a connected, customizable, and current platform capable of creating an enhanced driving experience. Automotive technological advancements have allowed for rapid progress in response to these expectations, but as the vehicle evolves further into the realm of consumer electronics, driver requirements and expectations increase.

However, the automotive industry faces unique challenges in providing an updatable and customizable platform in comparison to the traditional consumer electronics market: Security risks are substantially greater in vehicle over-the-air updates and there is a lack of clarity over control and liability of potentially defective software modifications. In addition, fundamental architectural hurdles must be overcome to develop an efficient backbone for the evolutionary vehicle platform.

In response, throughout May, Wards Intelligence will stream a series of informative presentations, thought provoking panel discussions, collaborative networking sessions and illuminating interviews.

Wards Intelligence analysts will discuss a variety of topics around the software-defined vehicle with key industry players from BMW, Continental, Dell Technologies, General Motors, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, ZF and others to uncover key technological opportunities, unlock industry insights and collaborate through shared strategic hurdles to propel automotive into the software-defined era.

Key dates in the series include:

May 6th Wards Intelligence analysts will lead a discussion on what’s next for the Software Defined Vehicle. Attendees will be able to ask questions of the panel and participate in the conversation.

May 11thRalf Drauz, Faurecia Clarion Electronics Global Account Director-German OEMs, addresses Revolutionizing Internal Culture for the Software Defined Vehicle.

May 17th to 21st – Each day offers 90 minutes of intriguing discussions around the transition to the software-defined vehicles.

Standout sessions include:

  • Can the Vehicle Ever Truly Be a Safe Smartphone on Wheels? 
  • State of the Industry
  •  Achieving Brand Individuality Through Software Driven Features

Speakers include:

  • Kirsten Matheus In-Vehicle Networking Strategist, BMW
  • Tamara Snow, Head of Research & Advanced Engineering, Continental
  • Florian Baumann, CTO (Specializing in Automotive & AI), Dell Technologies
  • James Singer, Intelligent Connected Vehicles and Edge, Dell Technologies
  • Jeff White, Industry Chief Technology Officer Edge & Intelligent Connected Vehicle, Global Office of CTO, Dell Technologies
  • Shyam Sundar, Senior Director of IAI Product Management, Faraday Future
  • Partha Goswami, Senior Manager – Technology Trends & Insights, General Motors
  • James Towle, Director of New Business Models, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Mark Gerban, Digital Partnership Manager: Mercedes-Benz Operating System, Mercedes-Benz
  • Kathrin Kind-Trueller, Manager Projects - Cybersecurity & Software Updates, Volkswagen AG

For more information CLICK HERE.

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