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Partnership will let Mitsubishi owners schedule service appointments.

Aeris, Dealer-FX, Mitsubishi Launch Service Partnership

Dealer-FX integration enables Aeris mobile app users to easily manage vehicle maintenance care for Mitsubishi owners.

Aeris, a technology leader in the Internet of Things (IoT), Dealer-FX, a service lane technology provider for automotive retailers and OEMs, and Mitsubishi Motors North America announce a partnership that enables Mitsubishi customers in the U.S. to schedule and manage service appointments at Mitsubishi dealerships.

The Aeris Mobility Services platform’s integration with Dealer-FX’s ONE Platform enables users to view service and maintenance needs as reported by the car and then schedule appointments in seconds using the My Mitsubishi Connect app. 

“Our partnership with Dealer-FX and Mitsubishi Motors North America kicks off Aeris’ next chapter of work to help auto OEMs engage much more closely with their drivers,” says said Kunal Rupani, head of product, platform and mobile for Aeris.

“By enabling connected vehicle app users to easily take care of their vehicles via their dealerships, we’re promoting more dynamic customer engagement, and that can lead to more powerful brand loyalty for the future.” 

Dealer-FX’s ONE Platform is a cloud-based system that integrates with OEM data, leading DMS providers, and third-party systems to make service departments more efficient and profitable. 

“With innovative mobile solutions, we help OEMs and their dealers deliver the best experience to their customers at every stage of service,” says Adam Kraft, director of OEM product management. “Partnering with Aeris and Mitsubishi enhances the customer experience for Mitsubishi owners by making vehicle maintenance care simple.

“The Aeris Mobility Services Platforms’ Dealer-FX integration is the latest advancement from Aeris, which earlier this year announced the Aeris Mobility Suite – the only end-to-end, cloud-agnostic, IoT product suite purpose-built to help automotive OEMs win in a connected world,” Kraft says.

“The Suite offers best-in-class, modular software components needed to rapidly deploy new connected vehicle programs globally, and to upgrade existing software infrastructure to improve customer engagement and retention – all within one year, and at a fraction of the cost.”

“Mobile dealer services like the Aeris and Dealer-FX integration are exactly what we need as auto OEMs to nurture relationships with our customers and promote retention,” says Bryan Arnett, director-digital product strategy at Mitsubishi Motors R&D America. 

“By tapping into the enormous mobile user customer segment, we can drive more traffic to our dealerships and create more lasting relationships to nourish the sales pipeline.”

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