No2 spot shows Cadillac aimed toward future

No.2 spot shows Cadillac aimed toward future.

Cadillac Claims 1-2 Spots on Most Engaging Ads Chart

Cadillac’s first-place, socially conscious commercial “Carry” saw its share of voice dip from a high of 43% last week to its current 17%, a big accomplishment for a commercial that so far has aired only 143 times.

For the third week running, Cadillac owns the top spots in the weekly Most Engaging Auto Ads chart, powered for WardsAuto by

Its first-place, socially conscious commercial “Carry” remains ahead of all other ads in generating audience conversation. Although its share of voice has dipped from a high of 43% last week to its current 17%, it’s a big accomplishment for a commercial that so far has aired only 143 times. Typically spots reach the top five have only after airing hundreds or thousands of times.

The No.2 ad from Cadillac features sleek and shiny close-ups paired with narration stating its cars are neither trophies nor museum pieces; they’re about the future and they inspire the next generation of models that will drive the world forward.

The Mazda ad featuring a winter wonderland proposal with voiceover from actor Aaron Paul comes in third, even after 3,800-plus airings and months on and off the chart. Kia maintains a hold on No.4 with its humorous Super Bowl ad starring actress and comedian Melissa McCarthy as an eco-warrior supporting various environmental causes while doing so in an earth-friendly manner with the Niro hybrid.

Subaru closes out the chart with a touching ad first seen in the rankings in February. A boy loading his belongings into the family’s Impreza suddenly turns into a young man who is moving out, with the help of their trusty Subaru., the real-time TV ad measurement company with attention analytics from 10 million smart TV screens, allows customers to monitor social actions, search activity and online video views associated with TV spots across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Bing and Yahoo!.


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1. Cadillac: Carry

16.88% Digital Share of Voice, 527K Earned Online Views

2. Cadillac: Pedestal

10.9% Digital Share of Voice, 378K Earned Online Views

3. Mazda: The Proposal: Driving Matters

5.47% Digital Share of Voice, 197K Earned Online Views

4. Kia: Hero’s Journey

4.75% Digital Share of Voice, 33K Earned Online Views

5. Subaru: Moving Out

4.13% Digital Share of Voice, 11K Earned Online Views

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