Ford Edge sales soared 2404 last month

Ford Edge sales soared 240.4% last month.

Auto Makers Post Modest Mexican Production, Sales Gains in August

Detroit auto makers’ output climbed 14.4%, compared with year-ago, to 116,394 units, with Chrysler and General Motors surging 39.2% and 22.1%, respectively. Ford slid 27.2% as it geared up for the new ’13 Fusion sedan.

Mexico vehicle production in August jumped 12.8% to 262,779 units, buoyed by a 13.8% rise in builds for exports and a 9.2% upswing for the domestic market.

Detroit auto makers’ output climbed 14.4%, compared with year-ago, to 116,394 units, with Chrysler Mexico and General Motors Mexico output surging 39.2% and 22.1%, respectively.

Ford Mexico’s builds slid 27.2% as the auto maker geared up for production of the new ’13 Fusion sedan at its Hermosillo assembly plant.

Among Asian auto makers, Nissan Mexico saw a 0.1% uptick to 60,780 units, while Honda Mexico output soared 53.6% to 5,522. Toyota Mexico builds fell 5.2% to 4,872.

Volkswagen, the lone European auto maker producing in significant volume in Mexico, posted a 25.0% increase to 62,331 units.

Light-vehicle sales last month rose 6.0% to 83,205 units. Light-trucks grew 15.7% to 30,254, while passenger cars inched up 1.1% to 52,951.

Detroit Three car deliveries jumped 18.4% to 17,973 units. GM led both on volume and a percentage basis with a 27.5% surge to 12,185. Chrysler was up 8.7%, but Ford slipped 1.3%.

Car sales by Asian auto makers dropped 10.7% to 19,084 units. Volume leader Nissan reported a 16.4% decline to 12,912, while Toyota and Honda soared 39.0% and 25.2%, respectively.

Standouts among individual car nameplates in August included the Chevrolet Cruze, up 115.6%; Toyota Camry, up 213.7%; Peugeot Partner, up 220.2%; and Nissan Altima, up 89.4%.

In the light-truck segment, Detroit Three sales were off a combined 2.1% to 13,480 units. GM and Chrysler were up 22.1% and 11.0%, respectively, while Ford was down 23.7%.

Asian auto makers saw truck deliveries climb 32.5% to 13,374 units. Nissan posted a 23.7% gain to 6,604. Honda and Toyota jumped 138.5% and 43.1%, respectively.

Individual light-truck nameplates with a strong showing in August included the Jeep Compass, up 67.8%; Ford Edge, up 240.4%; Chevrolet Colorado, up 152.2%; and Toyota RAV4, up 169.5%.

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