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Range Rover Sports 23 front 1.4 (4).jpeg Range Rover
U.S. dealers now taking orders for third-generation Range Rover Sport.

New Range Rover Sport Luxury SUV Arrives in U.S. Market

The ’23 Range Rover Sport gets distinctive, all-new styling inside and out. Pricing at launch ranges from $84,350 suggested retail for the Range Rover Sport P360 SE to $122,850 for the Range Rover Sport P530 First Edition.

NEW YORK – Jaguar Land Rover North America unveils the redesigned ’23 Range Rover Sport, the third-generation Range Rover Sport since the sportier-styled, slightly downsized variant of the flagship Range Rover had its U.S. introduction 17 years ago.

The current Range Rover Sport is the U.S. subsidiary’s best-selling model, says Joe Eberhardt, president and CEO of Jaguar Land Rover North America. U.S. dealers officially begin taking orders for the ’23 Range Rover Sport starting May 10. U.S. customer deliveries start in September.

“This launch is especially important to us and our U.S. customers, as it’s the most popular vehicle in the Land Rover lineup sold in North America,” Eberhardt says during a press preview here.

“To date, we have sold over 300,000 Range Rover Sports in the U.S. alone,” or about one-third of global Range Rover Sport sales, Eberhardt says. The metro areas of New York City, Los Angeles and Miami are the biggest-selling U.S. markets, he says.

According to Wards Intelligence data, Range Rover Sport accounted for 4,003 units, or about 26% of the brand’s total U.S. sales, through the first quarter. That’s down 38% vs. the same quarter a year ago, likely because of supply chain issues. U.S. sales for the entire brand were down 35% through Q1 vs. a year ago.

The current-generation Range Rover Sport made its debut in 2013. The ’23 Range Rover Sport arrives on the heels of the redesigned fifth-generation Range Rover, which is built on the same basic architecture. The new Range Rover went on sale in the U.S. market in March.

Range RoverRange Rover Sport 23 cockpit.jpeg

The ’23 Range Rover Sport gets distinctive, all-new styling inside (pictured, above) and out. It no longer looks like the junior-varsity version of anything. Pricing at launch ranges from $84,350 suggested retail for the Range Rover Sport P360 SE to $122,850 for the Range Rover Sport P530 First Edition. Those prices include $1,350 delivery.

“First Edition” denotes models with a high-content package of options such as 23-in. wheels, says Ryan Miller, global Range Rover brand manager.

Wheel options for the previous-generation Range Rover Sport topped out at 22 ins., he says. First Edition is a “halo” model Land Rover intends to offer in limited quantities for the first 12 months of production, Miller says.

Jaguar Land Rover North America also drops a couple of less-expensive Range Rover Sport trim levels. The cheapest is the ’22 Range Rover Sport SE, which started at $70,850, including $1,350 delivery. The redesigned Range Rover also has moved higher upscale.

Like the new Range Rover, the new Range Rover Sport’s exterior styling has large, uncluttered, flush surfaces, including flush-mounted door handles.

The interior includes a 13.1-in. (33-cm) curved-display touchscreen (pictured, below) on the center stack between the driver and front passenger. Land Rover says 90% of tasks can be executed with just two taps on the touchscreen. Voice controls and dedicated buttons supplement the touchscreen commands.

Range RoverRange Rover Sport 23 touchscreen.jpeg

Compared with the model it replaces, the new luxury SUV has a “much more grownup aesthetic,” says David Eburah, exterior design manager-Range Rover Sport.

The redesigned Range Rover Sport gets a powertrain lineup including two mild hybrids, a new plug-in hybrid and a new, twin-turbo V-8 developed in partnership with BMW. A fully battery-powered Range Rover Sport is due in 2024.

One thing the new Range Rover Sport doesn’t have is a third-row seating option. The old one did, but it was best for small kids and wasn’t a big seller, the company says. In particular, headroom was an issue in the old third row, as the Range Rover Sport roofline tapers toward the rear.

“We have plenty of 7-seaters, including the Discovery, and now for the first time, the redesigned Range Rover,” Eberhardt says in an interview on the sideline of the press introduction. The previous-generation Range Rover didn’t have a third row, but the redesigned one does.

Rear-seat legroom is good in the new Range Rover Sport. Rear-seat headroom is also good, and extra headroom can be gained by slightly reclining the redesigned rear seats.

“There’s really no need for another car with that capability,” Eberhardt says, referring to the absent third row in the new Range Rover Sport. “Especially when you see it was cramped before.”

Range RoverRange Rover Sport 23 rear 3.4.jpeg

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