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Mercedes-Benz to offer BEV vans by 2026 in U.S., Europe.

New Mercedes-Benz Electric Vans Coming in 2026

Mercedes-Benz will have a new line of BEV vans out in 2026, but will sell ICE vans well into the next decade

Mercedes-Benz explains its battery-electric commercial-vehicle strategy this week, revealing it will introduce a lineup of all-new electric commercial vans by 2026 for use in both Europe and the U.S.

Mercedes-Benz van chief Mathias Geisen says the German automaker will continue to sell internal-combustion-engine vans as it phases in the BEVs, but over time BEVs will overtake ICE vans globally.

“Starting (in) 2026, we will introduce our purpose-built EV architecture VAN.EA,” Geisen explains in a webinar for analysts and the media. “This enables us to consolidate our midsize and large vans down to only one architecture and significantly reduce the complexity of our product portfolio.”

Mercedes currently sells an electric version of its popular Sprinter van, but that is converted from an ICE architecture. Geisen says profitability and performance of its electric vans will increase with the new BEV-dedicated architecture. Customer benefits will include longer range and larger and more open cargo space achieved by putting batteries below the floor.

Among the products built on VAN.EA will be a van specifically designed for U.S. customers that will be built at the company’s plant just outside Charlotte, NC. That model is codenamed VAN-EA-P and will be adaptable for both commercial use and for luxury-lifestyle customers who customize the Sprinter for personal or corporate use.

The vehicle will be designed “for lifestyle-oriented customers with the highest standards, as a VIP shuttle, as a locally carbon-emissions-free mobile office or for leisure-active families,” according to Mercedes’ marketing materials.

The van for the European market will be produced in Jawor, Poland.

“With its modular and scalable design, the architecture is tailored for different configurations and upfitter solutions: from courier, express and parcel delivery (last-mile delivery) vehicles to ambulances…from municipal vans or box upfits to lifting platforms or recreational vehicles, almost everything is conceivable,” Mercedes says.

The Sprinter has a 16% share of the commercial-van market in the U.S. As the market is transitioning from ICE to BEV, Mercedes already has stiff competition from Ford Transit, which leads the category, and which already has the Transit E-Connect on the market. “Our target of more than 50% BEV share by 2030 goes hand in hand with a significant reduction in carbon emissions across the entire lifecycle of new vans,” Andreas Zygan, head of Mercedes-Benz Vans Development, says.

Carbon Neutral by 2039

Mercedes-Benz says its plan to shift its focus from ICE to electric vehicles is part of its larger strategy targeting sustainability and carbon neutrality. The company has set an ambitious goal of making its entire product portfolio carbon-neutral by 2039, with a significant shift toward electric vehicles in the coming years.

Mercedes-Benz already has launched a range of BEVs under its EQ brand, including the EQC SUV and the EQA compact crossover. The company plans to expand its BEV lineup significantly in the coming years, with several new models set to launch by 2025.

To support its transition to electric vehicles, Mercedes-Benz is investing heavily in battery technology and charging infrastructure. The company plans to produce its own battery cells and is working on developing solid-state batteries, which are expected to offer significant improvements in energy density and charging times compared to current lithium-ion battery technology.

The company also has announced plans to phase out combustion engines entirely by 2030 in markets where the legislation allows.


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