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Vehicles of 2019 Run to the Sun

Test driving 20-plus new performance vehicles on stunning Pacific Northwest roads makes for a pair of perfect ‘work’ days.

As automotive journalists we hear, “You have an awesome job” a lot. We never disagree, but most who make this comment never glimpse the less glamorous aspects of the profession: long hours staring at a computer screen editing copy, combing automaker websites for the perfect rear three-quarters or interior-detail photos or arguing amongst ourselves over the minutiae of 10 Best rankings. I know, you feel sorry for us, right?

But while behind the wheel of an impressive car on an awesome road on a beautiful day it’s impossible not to think, “I have the best job in the world.” This was definitely the state of mind on the recent Northwest Automotive Press Association’s annual Run to the Sun, especially since it’s our first time attending the 14-year-old event.

Two days in the driver seat of 20-odd late-model performance cars on Pacific Northwest roads around snow-capped mountains, across glacial-runoff rivers and through deep canyons make up for all the hours riding a desk. Here are 18 of our favorite vehicles from the event for your viewing pleasure – and our reminiscence of the favorite part of our occupation.

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