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Opportunities, Challenges Ahead From Smart Mobility

The auto industry and Silicon Valley will converge to explore the future of mobility at a new summit set for Oct. 25 near Silicon Valley.

Wards Intelligence is joining forces with West Coast think tank C3 Group to hold the 2018 Smart Mobility Summit in San Francisco, a gathering of thought leaders from inside and outside the auto industry.

The event, set for Thursday, Oct. 25 near Silicon Valley, will explore the immense opportunities and significant challenges that smart mobility poses.

The agenda includes multiple high-level speakers from automakers, technology companies and solution providers sharing their perspectives on topics such as:

•           Teaching Self-Driving Cars the Rules of the Road

•           Controlling the Curb in Smart Mobility

•           Is Mobility Investment Reaching a Bubble Moment?

•           The Connected Future of In-Car Infotainment

•           The Silicon Valley and Detroit Symbiosis

The inaugural joint event builds on four years of the C3 Group gathering stakeholders from automakers’ Silicon Valley labs, the top tech firms, venture capitalists, the research community, policymakers and media for collective brainstorming.

“We’ve been impressed by the dynamic sense of community that C3 has created in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley,” says Wards Intelligence Managing Director John Sousanis. “Just as C3 has been exploring mobility topics on the West Coast, Wards Intelligence has been a thought leader for the automotive community around Detroit and the rest of the world. It made perfect sense to partner with C3 to bring these two worlds together in ways no one else can.”

The Smart Mobility Summit complements Wards Intelligence events such as its Outlook and Focus conference series, which give automakers, their suppliers and businesses whose future is tied to the auto industry a comprehensive view of the risks and opportunities ahead for their organizations.

And as future mobility issues already are disrupting automotive, Wards Intelligence and C3 realize it’s essential to get parties from both worlds to share ideas.

“Our organization was born from the belief that autonomous cars, connected cars and smart mobility are not just built with machines and data,” says C3 Group President and Cofounder Doug Newcomb. “But also through strategic relationships, handshakes and shared experiences. We believe the promise of smart mobility will become reality when innovators and thought leaders share fresh ideas, working together toward a common vision.”

To register for the event, click HERE.

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