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Italdesignrsquos Lambo Parcour features 550hp engine
<p> <strong>Italdesign&rsquo;s Lambo Parcour features 550-hp engine.</strong></p>

Italdesign Surprises With 2-Seater Lambo SUV Coupe, Roadster

The bright red concept measures 177 ins. long and with a short wheelbase in line with an Audi Q3. The exterior features a wedge-inspired silhouette, while the interior stands out for its overall simplicity.

GENEVA – Volkswagen-owned Italdesign-Giugiaro takes Geneva by surprise with a pair of mid-engine SUV concepts for Lamborghini on the eve of the media opening of the auto show here.

Called the Parcour and Parcour Roadster, the concepts are powered by Lamborghini’s 550-hp V-10 engine mounted longitudinally over the rear axle.

The bright red 2-seater measures 177 ins. (450.0 cm) long and features a wedge-inspired silhouette and strong flowing lines front to rear. The concept’s short wheelbase measures close to that of an Audi Q3. The interior stands out for its overall simplicity and high-tech look.

VW’s top designer, Walter de Silva, says the SUV was created as homage to Lamborghini on its 50th anniversary. It is one of the many non-brand projects commissioned to Italdesign-Giugiaro to test innovative concepts that could reach production in the future.

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