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Mistra name in Chinese is Mingtu and means integrity and quality
<p> <strong>Mistra name in Chinese is Mingtu, and means integrity and quality.</strong></p>

Hyundai Mistra Midsize Sedan Unveiled at Shanghai Show Slated for Production

The concept vehicle, jointly designed and developed by the Hyundai&rsquo;s R&amp;D center in Namyang, South Korea, and the Beijing Hyundai technical center in China, targets young urban dwellers.

Hyundai’s Mistra concept midsize sedan making its debut at the Shanghai auto show this week is a precursor to an all-new model for the Chinese market that will go into serial production there later this year.

The Mistra measures 186 ins. (472 cm) long, 72 ins. (182 cm) wide and 58 ins. (147 cm) high.

A Hyundai spokesman declines to disclose what engines and transmissions will be offered in the production vehicle, but says the concept reveals the car’s “understated sporty” design.

The Mistra’s name in Chinese is Mingtu, which means integrity and quality, and the new vehicle targets young urban dwellers, he says.

The concept sedan features a wide front grille and air intake, long hood and oversize rear bumper that is preferred by Chinese buyers and 19-in. aluminum-alloy wheels. The exterior is finished in an elegant jade green, called “Frost Jade” meant to entice younger consumers.

The vehicle was designed and developed jointly by the Hyundai’s research and development center in Namyang, South Korea, and the Beijing Hyundai technical center in China.

The new entry will be positioned in the Chinese market between the Hyundai Sonata and Elantra. It embodies Chinese customer preferences based on extensive market research throughout the development process, Hyundai says.

“Hyundai has achieved remarkable growth in the past decade, in line with the Chinese auto market’s rapid growth,” Sung Kee Choi, president of Beijing Hyundai said when the concept vehicle was unveiled at the auto show over the weekend.

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