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Crystal fabricator Swarovski unlikely supplier for Divine DS interior
<p><strong>Crystal fabricator Swarovski unlikely supplier for Divine DS interior.</strong></p>

Citroen Concept Sedan Nothing Short of Divine

Up to now most DS designs have been derived from various Citroens, but the Divine owes nothing to any existing model. The Audi A4 is considered the benchmark.

TURIN – Citroen designers dream up the Divine DS to create a flamboyant, elegant concept car with the down-to-earth task of replacing the current C4 range and winning a bigger share of the European C-segment market.

The compact 4-door sedan will be introduced at next month’s Paris auto show.

Up to now most DS designs have been derived from various Citroen models. They have earned worldwide renown for their style, but the new car based on the Divine will owe nothing to any existing Citroen. The Audi A3 is considered the benchmark.

The design team’s philosophy is that customers should be invited to choose interior trim that reflects their personality from a selection worthy of a haute couture fashion house. Indeed, the Divine features contributions from prominent designers, such as Lesage for embroidery and Swarovski for crystal.

The cabin features three interchangeable interior ambiences, a concept dubbed hyper-typage by the DS brand. Each possesses its own original and unique personality and incorporates a high-tech layout expressing avant-garde design, refinement and sophistication.

Other highlights include futuristic headlights combining sequential indicators with laser technology, a faceted roof that opens to activate the rear-view camera, optimized aerodynamics and a cockpit making extensive use of digital technology including a holographic display.

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