2023 Cadillac Lyriq
Cadillac begins delivery of Lyriq Debut Edition (shown) and additional RWD models this summer.

Cadillac Sees Lyriq Drawing New Buyers to Brand

Cadillac announces pricing, availability for the Lyriq. The CUV is its first battery-electric vehicle.

Cadillac says potential buyers of its first battery-electric vehicle, the Lyriq, skew younger, are from Western states and are mostly new to the brand.

Cadillac takes orders for the ’23 Lyriq CUV May 19 and expects massive interest based on the 250,000 “hand raisers." Deliveries of the rear-drive model begin this summer, followed by the all-wheel-drive version late this year.

Although it’s not yet known how many of those intenders will purchase the 2-row, 4-door CUV, Rory Harvey, global vice president- Cadillac, says interest in the vehicle is “very, very significant.”

The automaker reports that orders for the Debut Edition of the Lyriq were placed by shoppers that aren’t traditionally Cadillac drivers. More than 70% are new to the brand, 68% are Gen X or Gen Y and almost 30% come from the Western region of the U.S., not usually a stronghold for Cadillac.

“The Western region has a high propensity for EVs. From our perspective, it's always one of the areas where geographically we've not necessarily performed at the levels that Cadillac has in other areas around the around the U.S.,” says Harvey. “So, from our point of view, we're really, really pleased in terms of the acceptance and the uptake that we've got within the Western region.”

Many factors contribute to the appeal, including pricing, power, range and charging options, Harvey  says.

The 340-hp, 325-lb.-ft. (440-Nm) rear-wheel-drive model starts at $62,990 with the 500-hp all-wheel-drive version starting at $64,990, both including a $1,195 destination charge.

EPA-estimated range for the rear-drive model is 312 miles (502 km), but a range number is not yet available for the AWD car, although its towing capacity already is established at 3,500 lbs. (1588 kg).
To sweeten the deal, Cadillac offers Lyriq buyers the choice of unlimited public charging credits through EVGo or a credit up to $1,500 toward installation of a home charger through Qmerit.

In addition, the Lyriq includes hardware for next generation of Super Cruise. Supply shortages mean the automaker must enable the Level 2+ system through over-the-air software updates later, but buyers will receive 100,000 GM Reward Points or an extra year of free charging as compensation for the delay, Harvey says.

The automaker also announces two additional colors – Opulent Blue Metallic and Crystal White Tricoat. The Stain Steel Metallic and Stellar Black Metallic launch colors remain available.

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