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Nissan Launches Version of Samsung SM3 in Russia, Ukraine

The auto maker aims to sell 30,000 Nissan-badged Samsung cars this year, mostly in Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East and Latin America.

VIENNA – OOO Nissan Motor RUS, the Moscow-based Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. importer, launches sales of its new Nissan Almera Classic sedan in the Russian market.

The car is a rebadged Samsung SM3, sourced from South Korea’s Renault Samsung Motors Inc.

Powered by a 1.6L engine, the Almera Classic starts at the equivalent of $13,490 in Russia. The car replaces the current entry-level Almera in the market.

In addition, the Almera Classic also is available in Ukraine. Imported by OOO Nissan Motor Ukraina, it bases at the equivalent of $14,390.

The plan to export Nissan-badged Samsung cars was announced last fall in South Korea. Nissan aims to sell 30,000 units this year, mostly in markets such as Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East and Latin America.

There are no plans to export the Almera Classic to Western or Central Europe.

In related news, sales of the Nissan Teana will get under way in Russia and Ukraine this summer. The car will be available with 2.3L and 3.5L engines and is expected to partly replace the Maxima QX in those markets.

It is unlikely the Japanese-sourced Teana will be exported to other European countries.

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